People with true passion can’t escape it often developing into a beautiful gift.  Multi- talented Dorys Foltin’s effort with the blush brush and lipstick wand took over her world at the tender age of 6, with pictures of herself adorning her face with paint to prove it.

Inspirations continued through the 80’s finding teen idols in German & British pop culture icons such as Depeche Mode, U2,  David Bowie, Blondie, Nena and Falco whom inspired Foltin to experiment with radical hair cuts and mod bobs.

After graduating from Kolleg Fuer Fotografie of Vienna in 1991, Foltin immediately tested her newfound expertise as an assistant to a renowned commercial photo studio in Vienna, Austria.  It was there that Foltin discovered the artistry of make-up and hair styling which prompted her to advance her skills at the prestigious German institute MASKE (

Upon completion Foltin was discovered by L’Oreal Austria and worked as a make-up artist, which spurred her curiosity of work opportunities even further.  Foltin tripped to the U.S. and stumbled upon Oahu where she immediately connected with the beauty of the island and natives therefore finding a canvas for her business to blossom.

Foltin has been based in Oahu for 13 years.  Her attention to detail,  range and versatility has truly made her a favorite among such renowned clients- Italian Vogue Sposa, People Magazine, E-Entertainment, Sony Japan, Neiman Marcus, Modern Bride and Virgin Records.  Famed photographers she’s worked aside include Frank Ockenfels ,Toni Meneguzzo, Aaron Chang, Jack Guy and Mark Arbeit.

Celebrity clients are Malia Jones, Shannen Doherty, Tori Spelling, Maria Menunous, Michelle Wie and Kelly Hu.

What set’s her apart is her “soft” approach, a refreshing break from traditional heavy hand.  She also has an ability to make all skin type sparkle and every head of hair shimmer and shine.

Subscriptions to the most avantgarde magazines, collaboration with celeb stylists, traveling the world, dining at the hottest restaurants, attending expos, art events, and parties all lend Dorys Foltin loads of inspiration keeping her cutting edge and at the top of her game.